Author: mako


Rewilding is a theme to which I am very sensitive and supporter.

It’s a form of environmental conservation and ecological restoration that has significant potential to increase biodiversity, create self-sustainable environments and mitigate climate change.

This is my personal contribution to this subject.

The illustration starts with a sketching process on which I trace with pen and ink, everything on paper. Then scanned and digital coloured, inspired by the screen print technique.

Illustrated Banners Collection

Commissioned project of 10 portrait illustrations of various historical figures that changed our way to see the world.

The project has been commissioned from a San Francisco based venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies.

Engraving Samurai

Here I create an artwork from a photo I took at a Buddhist Temple while traveling in Thailand. I used this vector technique to reproduce the antique engraving style.

“The Peronists – Rural Beats” Cover Album

Cover album illustration realized for an Argentinian live band based in Barcelona.
“Rural Beats” is the new EP consisting of 4 tracks by “The Peronists”, it sounds like a fine mix of Argentine folkore, lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, rural settings, and electronic organic music.

The Buho Boss

Artwork created simulating the engraving ancient technique, with digital vectors program.

Stuio M Wrap

Commissioned artwork: logotype for a car wrapping, vinyl production and application.

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