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Back to the future

Illustrated poster tribute, to the 80’s movie “Back to the future”, totally realised with vector program


In this artwork I show the creative process I usually apply to logos and letterings: sketch drawing after the brief with the client first, then I create a more detailed draw of the final result than scan it, vectorized, colors layout presentation and the final artwork with textures applied.

We Will Dance Again

In this artwork I wanted to reproduce a Lowbrow style illustration, inspired by the underground visual art movement from the 70s in California, with its cutler roots on underground comix.
Using ink and markers on thick paper and colouring with screen-print method I reached this vintage, illustration look.

Mako Boetti Illustration


Totem illustration project inspired by indigenous peoples and their divinity represented by animal, plants or force of nature.

Digital Engraving Samurai

Here I create an artwork from a photo I took at a buddhist Temple, while traveling in Thailand. I used this vector technique reproducing the antique engraving style.

The Eden Family

In this artwork I create a composition of engraving copy-right free illustrations scanned from a series of book, than digitally edit and coloured.

Island Vibes

I made this vector label after spending a period in a tropical Island and I want to resume, with this digital engraving technique, the activities and encounter that you can experience there.

Poseidon Rage

As ocean lover that I am, I always wanted to draw Poseidon with his crazy long bear and what a better way to do it creating an artwork that bring consciousness to people, about the global health situation we are living, showing the anger of nature against us, if we don’ t change ours way of living and we start to sustain our environment.

The Jocker

Illustration tribute to an old school skateboard brand and the “Jocker”, DC Comics character.

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